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Why should students consider Australia for Higher studies?

Deciding to leave the comforts of your home and step into a new world is a tough decision to make. However, students have a lot to consider when applying to international universities. A vibrant, bustling and thriving culture are prerequisites to leading a good life, and this is precisely what the beautiful country down under Australia has to offer! The Aussie population enjoys a high standard of living, and the nation has the world’s most extensive public tram system. Ease of living, accessibility and cultural diversity are excellent reasons why many international students are looking at Australia as their best destination.

A guide to choosing your study destination

How does one make this critical decision of which destination you should choose to pursue your higher studies? The answer lies in asking the right questions to yourself, doing a thorough research and then using a pros and cons list to help you narrow your options and make the final decision. So what are the questions you need to be asking yourself? Well, this blog will help you understand just that! Question: What is most important to you in terms of – Country, Subject and Institution? Rate these three according to the value they hold for you. According to a study done by StudyPortals and Hobsons in 2016, most students first considered the subject, then the country, followed by that the university. After that, the other major group of students considered the subject, university, and country
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