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How to fund your education?

Studying abroad is not only about learning and getting your degree. The entire process is much bigger and includes you living in an altogether new country, with new people, eating different cuisines, and adjusting to the local environment of the city. All of this as an experience will make you grow and expand your personality. But let’s face the facts, this means studying abroad would cost a good amount of money. This is why students who wish to study abroad must plan their finances. This helps you develop a round figure of the amount you will be spending in the years you are studying abroad. There are a variety of costs you need to cover that can broadly be grouped under the following headings- education, accommodation, food, travel and miscellaneous. But the most important and foremost is the education cost because every other price will only exist if you decide to study abroad.

Living costs in Australia

Being aware of the average cost of living and studying in Australia is important for your financial preparation while shifting abroad for higher education. For your benefit, below are some of the costs of living in Australia. ( in Australian dollars). These costs are an approximation and don’t consider personal spending habits.
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